One Way to Relax

One Way to Relax

When we relax deeply, our tension dissolves and stops blocking the flow of energy in our body. Stagnation is a biggest cause of disease—some say the only cause. (Paracelsus) The Taoists have a meditation called the Inner Smile that enhances the energy of the organs, glands, bones, tendons, and tissues by bring awareness into them. Deep breathing combined with gratitude, awareness, and intention focuses the mind on the body in a way that causes natural healing to awaken in these parts of the body. The consciousness of the being resides throughout the body and the Inner Smile awakens its healing potential.

It is a simple practice with profound results. We bring our awareness to a specific organ or gland, bring our hands there, and say ‘thank you.’ If we start with the heart, for instance, we can say “thank you for circulating blood and nutrients to every cell of my body. Thank you for creating and holding the qualities of love, joy, and patience.” Each of the major organs, glands, etc. have a specific function and emotion and the Inner Smile affirms their ‘mission’ and strengthens the field of the function and virtue around the body.

The Inner Smile also serves as a diagnostic check-in. We can notice the state of the organ on a regular basis to feel its health or dis-ease regularly. Then, we can take this feedback and make changes in our diet, environment, emotional, and mental state. Over time, the Inner Smile helps us develop a healthy, loving state with our self and others. We can discover and grow our true virtue. We’ll practice a healthier and authentic self-image and be in touch with a truer version of reality as we ground in the physical body and clouds of delusion dissipate.

“Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.” -Whitney

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