Sleep and Dreams

Sleep and Dreams

Sleeping in total darkness helps the hormones of the body reset. Melatonin, produced by the pineal gland, calms the nervous system and allows rest and rejuvenation. The rhythms of darkness and light are programmed into another gland, the hypothalamus. 

The circadian rhythms of day and night affect the major organs and sleeping in total darkness helps distinguish between the active and restful phases of day and night. Our waking consciousness is suppressed by melatonin and our subconscious can open and we dream. 

Sleep rests the body, but more importantly it rests the mind. When the mind is deprived of sleep and dreams, we can feel irritable, foggy, and even crazy. Melatonin accumulates over time as the sleep debt is paid off. As we ‘catch up’ on sleep, we bank health as the chemical of our brain and endocrine system reset. Dreams can be a time we learn, meditate, solve problems of our daytime life. We just have to give our body the opportunity for restful sleep. 💙😴

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