Pulsing Meditation

Pulsing Meditation

“Pulsing” is a technique of concentrating on a specific place in the body. Pulsing meditation directs energy to parts of the body and blood flow goes where the mind is focusing. For instance, the practitioner can focus on the area behind the navel, the perineum, the crown, or any other part of the body that needs attention or healing. 

Using the mind to direct the flow of energy can give the heart a break. When “chi flows where the mind goes,” our intention helps circulate blood. This technique can warm the hands and feet, if one pulses the energy sensation in the palms or the balls of the feet. If the mind is racing, we can use the pulsing meditation at the navel, between the kidneys, or the perineum. My teachers would always recommend against pulsing at the heart or even concentrating too long at the heart. 

Self-massage, a tennis ball or lacrosse ball, or other method of natural, external stimulation can awaken energy in different parts of the body. 

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