Moon Connection

Moon Connection 

A moon connection developed through meditation and chi kung can lead to a deeper awareness of the unconscious. Working with lunar rhythms and awakening them inside our bodies gives us the ability to shine a light in the dark. We can slowly transform unconsciousness into consciousness and provide choices over actions that were once just reactions based on unconscious patterns. 

The creative energy of the reproductive glands is governed by the moon energy will stimulate all energies in the body—both positive and negative. The strong moon energy, once awakened in the body should be balanced by a connection to the sun energy. Both the sun and the moon can be awakened in the body, and then grounded safely with a strong connection to the earth. Imbalances in the emotional and mental body, that are magnified by the powerful forces of nature, can cause emotional problems and distorted mental activity. 

The same simple exercises that are recommended as foundational still help here. The Six Healing Sounds, Inner Smile, basic tendon opening, and Tai chi chi kung provide safety valves for energy. Studying and embodying the energies of the sun and moon require safe handling. Standing chi kung postures help the mind and energy sink into the earth. Just like for a tree, the calm, still energy of the earth provides stability and a trusting foundation for which to grow from.

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