Detoxify the Skin

Detoxify the Skin

Iron Shirt 3 is a Taoist practice for strengthening the bone marrow, detoxifying the skin, and cultivating internal power through advance sexual energy practices. The Iron Shirt 3 meditations open the bones, the pores of the skin, and sexual organs. The Taoists theorize that the kidneys control the flow of all ‘waters’ in the body. This includes the sexual waters, the blood, the lymphatic system, and the hormones that are regulated by the endocrine system.

Iron Shirt 3 is a practice designEd to increase energy flow through all of these systems. The sexual practices impact the sexual organs through self-massage and counterforce techniques that encourage the sexual energy to recirculate in the body.

Typically, the sexual waters flow down and out through excess ejaculation in men and heavy menstruation in women. The Iron Shirt 3 practices strengthen the pathways for the sexual energy to flow into the bones, the organs, glands, and to nourish the body. The indiscriminate loss of this vital energy through unconscious activities can cause illness and low vitality. The sexual massage and related practices are not covered in this book, but are taught in live workshops, fully-clothed, in an academic and humble Taoist way.

These practices and more are covered in the book ‘The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold’

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