Benefits of a Chi Kung State

Benefits of a Chi Kung State

Chi Kung can loosely mean ‘skill with energy.’ The skills with energy cultivated by chi kung extend beyond one’s personal life. Regular practice of chi kung, can lead to a way of life that can positively impact the community and world at large. The willingness to help others and protect life in general can be a result of the ‘chi kung state.’

The chi kung state balances the individual’s energy and creates a balanced relationship with life, other people, and all of nature. As the chi kung state gathers momentum over time, the healing process naturally takes place. Like a high-frequency tuning fork, a regular chi kung practitioner can influence her environment by her very being. 

Sometimes a funny pet or laughing baby can capture the attention of all who see them. The being spreads joy all around. The smile and friendliness of a chi kung practitioner can also spread love and joy through their neighborhood. The inner smile, the six healing sounds, and the microcosmic orbit (movements or meditation) are great chi kung exercises that can provide a solid foundation for a lifetime of study. 

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