A Stressful World

A Stressful World 

The tricky thing about health is that we may not notice the chronic conditions of our habits for many years. A disease or mental state of being  can be in its later stages before we notice it. Perhaps we feel less vitality, we get short of breath, our patience wears thin quicker, or our digestion is just not as good as it used to be. 

The good news is that if we notice negative changes in energy levels blearily, we have a long time to make changes. The changes don’t have to be drastic in the early phases. Clean water, deep breaths, light stretching, some walks, and sleeping with the cycles of the sun and moon can be enough. 

In my culture, emotions such as stubbornness, pride, revenge, and scarcity-thinking are seen as good traits in movies, music, and folk tradition. However, these negative ways of being are the beginning of imbalances in the energy of the body. Revenge and anger tighten the liver, stubbornness and impatience tighten the heart, scarcity and hoarding affect the kidneys, and wearing masks of who society wants us to be impact the lungs and the throat. 

Taoist practices tune us into the body and we can notice energy imbalances before they become chronic issues. By growing positive virtues and following patterns of nature, our body relaxes. Trying to do good deeds helps our heart and liver open. 

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