Warm the Kidneys, The Inner Smile

The Fourth Brocade, Rubbing the Court of  the Kidneys:

Massage the kidneys in a circular fashion 24, 36, or 48 times. Warm them up and bring Vitality to the entire body.


The Inner Smile Meditation

The Inner Smile Meditation is a fun and easy way to have an ‘in-the-body’ experience.  This meditation guides the practitioner in spreading gratitude and love through the major organs and systems of the body.  Practice of the Inner Smile helps to grow the following positive virtues in the organs:

Heart:  Love, Compassion, Joy

Lungs:  Courage, Inner-Beauty, Integrity

Liver:  Kindness, Forgiveness, Community 

Spleen:  Trust, Stability, Grounded-ness

Kidneys:  Gentleness, Creativity, Calm  

Directed and Produced by Professor Richard Kopp.  Written by Andrew McCart

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