No one wins in War, The Lung Sound

31. The Wise Warrior Does Not Go to War
Weapons of war are not tools of the wise, For they only bring misfortune.
The sage uses them only as a last resort, With calm restraint.
Winning in war is not a reason to celebrate, For victory involves death.
Enjoying death and destruction
Cannot lead to fulfillment.
Enter a battle reluctantly,
As if you were attending a funeral.

-The Alchemistā€™s Tao Te Ching, by Andrew McCart

Releasing grief, building confidence: The Lung Sound

The Six Healing Sounds are one of the foundational practices of Taoist movement and meditation. Here, I discuss and demonstrate the lung sound. It is helpful for releasing emotional patterns of grief, sadness, and low self esteem. Smiling to the lungs is a practice for growing confidence, integrity, and a sense of inner beauty. The lungs (and corresponding organ the large intestine) are the metal element and correspond to the color white. The lung sound is Sssssss. Try it!

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