The Psoas Muscle, Rooting Practice

Psoas Muscles: Releasing Sciatic Pains by Working on the Psoas Muscles and the Lumbar Sacral Plexus.
“Work on the iliopsoas muscles and the sciatic nerves goes together because they can influence one another. The accumulation of toxins and tensions in the abdomen presses against the nerves, muscles, and tendons that are coming out from the spine. This impairs communication between nerves. Tension in the muscles goes on unnoticed and the muscles don’t receive the message to relax. To restore the nerves to their function of controlling the muscles, the pressure has to be relieved.” -Chi Nei Tsang 1, by Mantak Chia

Practicing Taoist standing practices help us feel more grounded…like deep tree roots when stormy winds blow.

From Iron Shirt Chi Kung 1, by Mantak Chia

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