Eight Extraordinary Vessels, Invisible Tea

The Eight Extraordinary Meridians are sometimes called the Eight Psychic Channels. The Fusion practice teaches the practitioner to become a “Living I Ching” (the Book of Unchanging Changes, 3000 year old classic that is foundation of Taoism). The connection between the eight deep core channels in the body and the eight trigrams of the I Ching is a symbolic system for communicating with the eight cosmic forces that hold form in place and dictate all patterns of change.  When these eight deep channels are activated, a deep body awareness is created.  A practitioner can become a more intuitive and more psychic person. By attuning to the underlying patterns in nature, one can begin to spontaneously receive more information from the larger chi field of the environment. -Andrew McCart

autumn wind…

the neighbor’s daughter

using again.

-Kyle D. Craig, Invisible Tea

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