The Philosophy of Chi

The Philosophy of Chi

Taoists have understood and taught the philosophy of Chi for thousands of years. Chi can mean energy, breath, force, or essence. It is the force that animates life, that causes the oak tree to spring from the acorn, and moves the breeze through the trees. Chi nourishes a fetus into an adult and propels it through the cycles of life. This is the same energy that keeps the planets, suns, and stars in orbit and holds the patterns of the seasons. 

Taoist masters don’t see this idea of energy as just an armchair fantasy, but rather it is seen as the underlying infrastructure of all life. The quality of our chi / energy is the quality of our health, happiness, and enthusiasm for life. Taoists think of chi like water, in that it is necessary for life. When a garden is nourished with water and rich soil, it grows healthy and the plants flourish. 

Chi in the body is the same way. When it flows to the organs, bones, skin, muscles, and tendons, the body moves gracefully and the systems of the body function properly. As a spiritual practice, Taoism is a complete system that includes lying down postures (Taoist yoga, seated meditations (the inner smile and fusion of the five elements), standing postures (iron shirt chi kung), and moving/walking postures (chi kung and tai chi). 

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