The Neijing, the Heart Sound

“The Neijing is one of the most important classics of Taoism. First, it gives a holistic picture of human life. It does not separate external changes – geographic, climatic, and seasonal, for instance – from internal changes such as emotions and our responses to them. It tells how our way of life and our environment affect our health. Without going into detail, the book articulates a treasure of ancient knowledge concerning the natural way to health, implying that all phenomena of the world stimulate, tonify, subdue, or depress one’s natural life force.

Much practical advice is offered on how to maintain balance by revealing the inner workings of the universal law. The environment, way of life, and the spirit all contribute to the quality of human existence. The essence can be best summed from this passage: “Health and well-being can be achieved only by remaining centered in spirit, guarding against the squandering of energy, promoting the constant flow of qi and blood, maintaining harmonious balance of yin and yang, adapting to the changing seasonal and yearly macrocosmic influences, and nourishing one’s self preventively. This is the way to a long and happy life.”

The heart sound, Haaaa, releases excess heat, tension, and excess emotion, (particularly that of impatience, cruelty, and hatred) from the heart and the body. 

But Andrew, how can a sound do all of that? 

I’m glad you asked. This works through the combination of the sound frequency that resonates with the heart and fire Energy (like a tuning fork) and the movement of the body. The movement of the body, as the arms move up and the torso tilts to the right, allow excess energy to flow out the heart and pericardium meridians of the body. 

So, give it a try and I think you’ll find that it is a an meditation practice that provides peace. 

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