Alchemy? Meditation as Self-Care

“The end, or perhaps the beginning, of this spiritual path is the Union of Man and Tao. The teachers on this path say that it can’t be taught; that is needs to be experienced from the Tao itself. I believe it is a returning to our original nature; therefore we are all capable of it and once knew how to be it naturally. It seems that the process is a stripping away of what is not us. This can happen at the moment of death, but the adept hopes to experience it before then and enjoy the accompanying level of enlightenment.” -The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching, by Andrew McCart

Making meditation Part of Life

Meditation can feel like it is something different or separate from the rest of life. It can also feel like it is selfish and takes away from our families, our careers, or other responsibilities. However, it adds to our lives by making us better spouses, friends, employees, parents, and bosses. This video provides some ideas to help us bridge the gap between meditation and our lives. It provides suggestions for living life in a contemplative way. 

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