The Heart Sound

Asian monk lighting candles in temple

The Heart Sound

The Six Healing Sounds Meditation is a technique for releasing stuck energy (hot, cold, emotional patterns). There are multiple layers of intention and activity that can be used in the meditation/exercise. There is a breath, a movement, an emotion, a visualization of colors, and stillness. There are six organs that correspond with the five phases (or elements) of energy in classical Taoist theory. Each organ has its own sound, movement, color, and emotional virtues.

As an example, and since we are still riding the waves of the summer solstice, the fourth organ in the sequence is the heart. The heart sound is “H-A-A-A.” So, we will inhale, lift the hand toward the sun, tilt to the right, opening the heart and exhaling “haaa.” After we exhale the heart sound, and let our hands float back down to the heart, we breathe in a beautiful red color. We also breathe in the feelings of love, joy, happiness, and allow/imagine those emotions grow inside and around our heart.

Then, we rest in the space between breaths, and we do the heart sound again. ​I recommend doing each of these sounds 3 times or 6 times or 12 times, whatever you have time for. Do the releasing movements, and then to inhale the good virtues.

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