Tell the Truth Faster


Tell the Truth Faster (from the Leadership and Teams class Wednesday) 

The time between when we know bad news and we deliver that bad news is proportional to the stress we feel.  If we know bad news and deliver it quickly, the person receiving our news can have the most time possible to respond to the news.  

Often, we delay telling the truth because we’re afraid of another person’s reaction.  However, if we delay too long, we want to keep delaying because they’ll ask “why did you wait so long to tell me?”  Thus, delaying leads to more delaying and this monster of information grows uglier.  

We can’t afford the mental energy that it costs to delay the truth.  We may delay it because we’re looking for a different solution, or an alternative.  But even in these cases, can we let the affected parties know?  

For instance, tell your customer right away that the shipment is delayed, and what we are trying to do about it.  Tell your friend there is a chance you’ll be running late Friday so they can reschedule or cancel the dinner reservations.  Headaches can be prevented, new solutions can be uncovered, and muscle tension can release when we tell the truth as soon as possible.  What are we putting off right now?

40. Following the Tao is Returning
To follow the Tao, Allow yourself to return.
To find harmony, Allow yourself to relax.
Men are born into a body,
The body is born from the spirit. Retrace this path, find your true nature.

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