Open the Large Intestine

Open the Large Intestine
“Many of the problems with the large intestine occur at the cecum/ ileocecal valve or at the sigmoid colon. Your palpation of these areas should indicate the problem. If the problem is in the sigmoid area, don’t start there but work around it. Never work directly on a painful area (in the large intestine or anywhere else); prepare a place for the pain and congestion to go. To release the congestion in the large intestine, start at the left side of the rib cage at the splenic bend. This will release congestion there and make room for more congestion coming from the problem area.” From Chi Nei Tsang 1 (abdominal massage), by Mantak Chia

Releasing Sciatic Nerve in the Legs

“Massage down the middle line of the back of the thigh to loosen the muscle there.

The next position is behind the knee at the popliteal tendons. Work on both sides of the knee, since the Sciatic nerve branches into two divisions here. Massage with the thumbs on the left and right side and use your fingers to pull the tendons apart. This will stretch the tendons and muscles and release the pressure on the nerves.

The third position is under the inner ankle, under the bone. It is very close to the Kidney-3 point. Massage and press it with your finger (s) or thumb. End the procedure by lifting the lower leg and tapping the heel with your fist.”

From Chi Nei Tsang 1, by Mantak Chia

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