Taoist Breathing

Taoist Breathing

If you’ve followed this blog for a little while, you know I talk about the breathing practice of ‘the six Healing sounds.’ (https://fullbodyenlightenment.vhx.tv/products)

This practice helps each organ to open, breathe, and allow the organ to release trapped cold, heat, or stuck Energy. We are all familiar with the breathing of the lungs, but this practice helps us develop a relationship with the ‘breath’ or vibratory resonance of the other organs. The Six Healing Sounds use the colors, sounds, intention, and focus on the emotions of each organ.

There are also Taoist practices of breathing through the hairs of the head and body. The hair is visualized like antenna that reach out into the ether to connect with the resonance of different types of energy in nature. For instance, one might want to bring in the energy or the ocean to heal the kidneys, or the energy of the forest to heal the liver.

Finally, for today, the taoists have a practice called skin breathing. Similar to the hair acting as antenna, the pores of the skin open up to breathe in aspects of nature. The open pores can invite moonlights, a warm summer breeze, or the sunlight of early morning, late evening, spring/fall equinox, or really any day at any time.

The energy of nature has tremendous healing potential and we can open our bodies to invite that energy inside.

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