Building a Spiritual Practice

Building a Spiritual Practice

There are multiple ways to interact with the spiritual practices from this account. Some methods for learning are better than others in achieving long- term health. The translated verses of the Tao te Ching can be read in any order and as often as possible.

A good recommendation is to interact with the philosophies in the Tao Te Ching during the course of a year. For instance, 365 days, divided by the 81 verses is four and a half or four days. One can work on the philosophies of the Tao for four days, or three days, Monday-Wednesday, Thursday–Saturday, and then take Sunday off. If we look at Verse 81, Nourish Gently, Lead Quietly, the reader can practice the idea of giving up the need to be right in their conversations with friends, families, and coworkers for four days.

Unlike the philosophical verses, the spiritual practices described in the photos and simple descriptions help the reader build a strong base in their physical body before working with more powerful energies of the sun, moon, planets, and stars. My recommendation is to start with the foundation chi kung practices, combine those with the Inner Smile, and Six Healing Sounds, and then see how you feel.

After months of practicing those exercises, you may want to stay with them or add the microcosmic orbit. After that, the standing and tai chi practices are a great addition and help one to manage the energy developed thus far.

-From The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold

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