Talking Doesn’t Cause Enlightenment

Thoughts Are Like Geese, Flying over a Lake
Judging yourself causes
Separation between right and wrong. Right and wrong creates shame or pride And an inner shadow.
Labeling thoughts, words, or deeds,
As acceptable or unacceptable
Takes one from wholeness and integrity Into light and darkness.
Therefore, follow the pattern of virtue Set forth by nature.
Let your heart shine joy and love to all, Like the Sun towards the Earth.
Watch your judgments, shame, And pride float by,
Like a lake watches
A flock of geese fly over.
In this way, the Sage allows
The coming and going of people, Thoughts, and energy
Without grasping, without gain or loss. Because of this, he is at peace.

Talking Does not Cause Enlightenment
Practices that are complicated
Are not the practices that lead to wholeness.
Words can help the mind feel at ease,
But talking does not cause enlightenment.
From the oneness, energy is pure and whole. Once individuated, it polarizes.
Living in polarity,
There is only struggle. Harmonizing polarity,
The alchemist returns to oneness.
Oneness and polarity
Come from the same source.
This source is the Tao.
But who can describe the Tao?
Who can merge with the source of all things?

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