Stretch the Tendons, Vein Circulation

Stretch the Tendons
“When we are asleep, the tendons are at a resting stage, not stretched out. When we get up, our body feels stiff and hard to move or bend. There are thousands of stretches possible; we can spend a lot of time stretching. If you do just a few right, you can stretch all the tendons, save time and prevent yourself from being afraid to do them because you do not have enough time.” -From Chi Self Massage, From Mantak Chia

Activate Vein Circulation
“Veins are the return routes of the blood to the heart. The most common places for blood to clot are the veins of the feet. This can be caused by wearing high heels, wearing tight shoes, or wearing the wrong shoes. These will tend to harden the veins and slow down the entire foot circulation.”

-From Chi Self Massage, By Mantak Chia

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