Stretch Tendons, Open Joints

Stretch Tendons, Open Joints

Basic chi kung exercises can loosen, stretch, and open the joints and tendons. These exercises provide a safe and effective method to help the body to recover from aging, uncomfortable postures from commuting, work, or modern stresses.

Tendon stretching can help anyone that sits at a desk, who uses a computer or cell phone, or that drives a car or truck often. Much of the soreness from these activities is due to chi flow becoming stagnant in the areas of posture cramped by the seated and recurring movements and positions.

If energy is encouraged to move through the tendon lines of the arms, leg, hips, shoulders, wrists and ankles, typical soreness or stiffness can be reduced or go away. The lower back, thoracic spine, and tension at the base of the skull are other places impacted by prolonged sitting, standing or working in one position.

Basic chi kung can be found on YouTube, learned at your local tai chi school or acupuncturist, and practiced for just a few minutes or any time throughout the day.

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