Stars and Society

Stars and Society

Once upon a time, people recognized their natural connection with heaven and earth. They saw how the patterns of the sun, moon, planets, and stars resonated with their life on earth and the flow of the seasons. Society was aligned and governed according to the natural ebb and flow of these cycles. People understood that their connectedness with one another mirrored the connection of bodies in heaven. The gravity and movements of heaven and earth were a model for the harmony of movement between individuals and tribes.

Over time, rulers fell out of touch with the patterns of nature. Instead of seeing themselves as part of great cycles, leaders mistakenly saw themselves as the center of the universe. The desire for power over people and nature led rulers to destroy that which didn’t bend to their wills. Disconnection from nature continues to the present day and large percentages of generations have forgotten the old ways of connection to nature, watching the heavens, and working together for the benefit of all.  

In pockets of the world, the ancient knowledge went underground and was protected, cultivated, and awaited its time to reemerge. Even as the world seems to plunge into chaos on the mainstream news, many are returning to the old ways. Astrology, meditation, kindness, and small collectives of local agriculture can be found in every city and town. Some Taoist teachers believe that the Earth herself is undergoing an evolution and we are just along for the ride on very long cycles of growth and evolution. Perhaps it is up to us to do our part in helping spiritually birth a new Heaven and a new Earth through the old and confused vibration that left mankind wondering why they are here.

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