Cleaning with the Sun

Cleaning with the Sun

Sunlight is an energizing force that recharges our body and cleans out stuck energy in our energy field. Time spent in the sun can clear our mind and help us feel relaxed. Mild exposure to the sun enables the skin to produce Vitamin D.

Taoist teachers believe that ‘washing’ the body in sunlight cleans our cells from the inside, out. The sun awakens our cells from within and restores feelings of radiant health and vitality.

The sun can be used for healing in a few different ways. We can turn our back to the sun and allow the warmth to shine on our kidneys and warm our lower back. The sun will warm the entire spine. If we bend over as our spine faces the sun, it can warm the space between our vertebrae. When the sun warms the sacrum, it charges up the bone marrow.

Next, we can face the sun and let its radiance warm our face to awaken the glow of our face. If we lift our hands to the sun, the Pericardium-8 points in the center of the palms will open the pericardium channel and warm our heart. Our hearts are the sun in the solar system of our bodies, therefore the sun’s resonance helps our heart awaken.

Lastly, we can breathe up from the earth, then out to the sun, and back again. Taoists believe that one of humanity’s jobs is to mediate the energy between the Earth and the Heavens. We can practice breathing back and forth from the Earth to the Sun, just like a tree does, and we will experience healing energy.

The first exercise in this book relates to the sun’s healing energy:

The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 1st Edition

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