Spring: Time of the Liver

Spring: Time of the Liver  

Since it is the time of the spring equinox, we can practice the liver sound. The Six Healing Sounds is a releasing technique and each sound has four components. There’s a breath, a movement, an emotion and also a visualization or a color. In the practice, we go through each organ and each of these aspects. 

For the liver sound, we will inhale and then exhale the liver sound, “shhh”; with the hand exhaling out above the head. Then, the hands float back down and we can visualize a green meadow or forest inside the body at the liver with the rib cage at the bottom right of the abdomen. 

You can feel the feeling, the emotion of kindness growing in the liver. And then, do the sound again. Inhale and then exhale “shhh.” When we exhale, we are tilting to the left to open up the right side where the liver is. We open that side up to open the ribcage up on that side, and exhale the “shhh” sound. I say it’s like a librarian sound. And then again on the in between breath, breathe in the color green of spring, along with that feeling of kindness into the liver. 

(There are videos on YouTube explaining the Six Healing Sounds. Additionally the exercise is explained in The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching:


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