Sound and Music Therapy

Sound and Music Therapy

“Sound and music therapies (as with heat therapies) have existed for centuries. But in the last several decades, sound healing has enjoyed a renaissance. Tuning forks, crystal and metal bowls, classical music from certain composers, and sounds from nature (cricket and bird songs, waterfalls) have become popular for soothing the soul and emotions, if not outright physical healing.

“The scientific precision of our modern age demands a different focus. We already know that every organ, gland, and tissue in the body emits electromagnetic radiation, and that this radiation corresponds to tones. New systems are based on this knowledge.

“For instance, biologist David Deamer decoded and translated some of the vibrational frequencies from select portions of DNA into audible tones, and musician Susan Alexjander later added voice and instruments to these tones on a CD. Also, scientists are using acoustically translated DNA in a number of novel experiments.”

Healing with Electromedicine and Sound Therapies via the Qigong Institute

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