Six Healing Sounds (more info)

Six Healing Sounds (more info)

Yesterday, there were requests for kore information on The Six Healing Sounds practice. Please see the pictures and supporting text. Thank you!

The Six Healing Sounds

This method of practice involves “tuning in” energetically to the organ. I prefer putting the hands on the organ and establishing a connection between the conscious mind in the consciousness of the organ. After tuning into the organ, one can make the sound of the organ, combined with the posture, and then allow the hands to float back to the organ.

After one round of the sound, take an in-between breath without the sound, smile to the organ, and begin again. Each sound can be done once, three times, or even six times. Three times per organ is generally the amount that I teach, but any more or any less is OK too. One can also just do one particular organ without doing all of the others.

The order that the six healing sounds are taught here is not the only order, but it does follow what is called the Creation Cycle in Classical Chinese Medicine. My favorite time to practice the sounds is right before bed.

Sometimes I don’t even get past the lung sounds before I fall asleep. Other times I will do all the sounds and go through numerous cycles before falling asleep.

I find it to be a good way to release some excess thinking and go into a deeper sleep sooner. This can help one to not have to go through the “junk dreams” before getting into deeper sleep.

Text From The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold

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