Sexual Energy Massage

Sexual Energy Massage 

The energetic massage of the reproductive organs can be one of the most important practices for restoring health and vitality to the sexual centers. This massage increases sexual energy and hormones in the body. Bringing awareness and energy to the genitals promotes a healthy flow of blood and chi to an area that can be overused due to psychological imbalances or an area that is ignored for shameful reasons. 

This practice is an important part of the rejuvenation of the red blood cells of the Bone Marrow. The reproductive hormones and energy animate life. This energy also causes the blood cells of bone marrow to regenerate and grow. With practice, these techniques help men reduce prostate problems, and help women alleviate problems associated with menstruation.

Taoists acknowledge sexual energy’s role in the conception of human life. When procreation is not intended, this energy is used to heal the internal organs and glands, increase the brain’s capacity. As this energy grows, the energy center behind the navel grows stronger. One can further open the Microcosmic Orbit and Eight Extraordinary channels. Sexual energy massage can be learned in ‘healing love’ books from Mantak Chia and other authors. It can also be explained by a qualified Healing Tao teacher. Directories can guide interested parties to find a teacher in their area (or find a teacher that teaches through video conference). Learning these techniques does not require removal of clothing.

Learn more in The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 

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