Relationships, Grasping Time

Relationship Goals

For many of us, our relationships with others, at work or in our personal lives, are the most satisfying assets we enjoy.  It only makes sense that we have relationship goals to make sure that these are nourished.  

They say that love is a verb, and we have to show (through action) people, customers, employees that we care about them.  We know that what we measure gets done, and in relationships it is no different.  How many times will we call mom this week?  How many times will we see our nephews this month or year?  How many date nights?  How many times will we be home for dinner to eat around a table with our families?  What is the number of employees we will appreciate in person today?  What are we willing to spend on recognition for our team members?  How many love notes will we leave for our spouses each week?  

There is a plaque that says “we don’t always remember what people say to us, but we always remember how they made us feel.”

How do you Experience Time?

Time is an experience that we choose.  We choose to waste time, reclaim time, pass time, share time, watch time, buy time, pay for time off, and lament time we’ll never have back.  All these ways of experiencing time are choices.  There is evidence of the passing of time when we look at our physical world.  The passage of time is seen in a picture from when we were younger, a rotting apple on the table, or how fast young ones change compared to our perception of time.  However, we can still only experience right now.

Thinking about the past is still done right now.  Planning for the future is still done right now.  Therefore, the passage of time and our experience of it is something we create in the present moment.  Can we learn to have a positive experience of time?  Do we really want to go back to so-called ‘glory days?’  Do we really need to mentally berate ourselves over regrets from the past?  How can we turn the passage of time into an experience we appreciate?  We can like growing older, more experienced, and wiser.  We can turn the passage of time into a learning experience.  And, we can realize that it is all happening in the present moment.  Let’s come back to that presence and soak in it fully.


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