Reflexology and Squatting

“The reason that charts like this make sense is because the human body begins as a single cell which contains a blueprint for the entire body. As the body grows, energy meridians run through it and key parts of the body are mapped over and over again, based on that original blueprint. Rather like a hologram, a three dimensional picture in which every part contains the whole, each part of the body has a mapping for the entire body. These energetic mappings are regularly used in Oriental medicine, and are be- ginning to be more accepted in the West.” -Sexual Reflexology, By Mantak Chia


“More than any other posture, squatting opens the lower lumbars and thereby prevents hernia. Also it activates the latent motor force of the pelvis, opens the kua, flexes the hip joints, induces down- ward pressure and release of waste, gases and toxins for recy- cling in the ground and reactivates the colon. By the gravity pull it provokes, it stirs the earth Chi current to move and bounce upward to the perineum, to awaken the spinal fluids in the sacrum, open and elongate the spine, rebalance vertebrae and ease the Chi cur- rent upward to the crown.” -Tan tien Chi Kung, By Mantak Chia

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