Where Taoist Alchemy Began, Finding Your Center


“The Taoist masters reasoned that to become connected to the outer universe, one first needs to gain control of his or her own inner universe. They experienced this inner universe as a flow of energy, or Chi, through their bodies. The Microcosmic Orbit, running up the spine and down the front of the body, was uncovered as the pathway through which the distilled essence of this energy flows. They perceived that the Microcosmic Orbit connects three bodies- -physical, soul, and spirit–within each individual and ultimately fuses them into one immortal body. It was with this perception that the study of Internal Alchemy began.

Smile down to the organs and become aware of the virtues of each organ as you smile down: smile to the heart, and generate a sense of honor and respect, as you increase the feelings of love, joy, and happiness; smile to the lungs, and generate the feelings of courage and righteousness in the lungs; smile to the liver, and generate kindness in it; smile to the pancreas and spleen, and generate fairness and openness in those organs; smile to the kidneys, and generate gentleness in the kidneys. Feel the positive effect on each organ as you smile to it. Be aware of the positive emotions you are generating.” -From Fusion of the Five Elements 1, by Mantak Chia

The immediate, practical use in daily life is to help center your awareness so that your environment does not throw you out of balance. The deeper purpose is to lay an unshakable foundation for achieving oneness with the universal forces.
To center awareness in the abdomen is to find the center, or control point, of your soul. Centering your awareness in the pearl places you in the position of mastery of your inner spiritual life as well as awareness of the outer Earth and cosmic forces that contribute to your daily life.

How to Meditate

-Breathe in through your nose, breathe out through your mouth

-Close your eyes, scan your body

-Sit straight and be comfortable

-If your mind wonders, return to your breath


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