Mixing Moon and Sun

Mixing Moon and Sun

There are Taoist practices that are designed to absorb the energy of the sun and moon into the body. We are very familiar with the sun and moon as they regulate life on this planet. By tuning into these familiar bodies, the corresponding energies inside of us will awaken. The energy of the sun can be “inhaled” through the palms of the hands, through the acupuncture points “Pericardium 8” and “Heart 8.” These points and meridians both have the quality of the fire element, thus they resonate with the sun.

The energy of the moon can be absorbed through a point along the lower lumber called the “Door of Life.” This is a point between the kidneys that can be stimulated through massage or meditation. Because the kidneys regulate the water element and sexual energy in the body, the Door of Life is a natural point to draw in the energy of the moon. The kidneys can be related to the batteries of the body. When they feel charged up, they can perform their many functions, including the growth of bone marrow.

After practicing these meditations, the energies of yin and yang awaken in the body. A last step before closing the meditation is to bring the earth‘s energy into the body. This can be done through the balls of the feet, the heels, and the perineum. The sun, moon, and earth energy can mixed and stored in the lower abdomen or tan tien. This may sound like a fanciful day dream, but notice if you feel more present. Notice if your skin looks healthier. Also notice if you can feel the nervous system more alive. 

The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: 

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