Massaging the Skull

Massaging the Skull

The ‘100 Nerves Meeting’ point in the center of the crown is great point for clearing a headache, increasing memory, counteracting depression and even resolving hemorrhoids. We can massage this area with both middle fingers and it can relieve dizziness, which result from too much energy in the head.

This point is also said to relieve high blood pressure and stimulate the nervous system. It is also known as Governor Vessel 20, matches the location of the ‘crown chakra,’ and connects to the energy of the governing vessel, the bladder, gall bladder, triple warmer and liver channels. More esoterically, it is called the “Point of the Sea of Marrow and Bone.”

The entire scalp can be massage, with both hands like a comb, six to nine times. First, we warm our hands and feel the energy in them. Next, starting at the scalp, we press firmly and move the hands back slowly to the base of the skull. If you find pain or tenderness in any place, stop there and massage those points in a circular fashion until the pain goes away.

Next, knock the head with the knuckles of the hand as if you were knocking on the door. This can also help clear the head, eliminate stubbornness, and create sharper thinking (imagine knocking to dispel clouds of confusion.) Clouded thinking and extra stress add pressure in the head and can make it feel like ‘walls are closing in’ on the person who is consumed by their thinking.

Lastly, massage the base at the skull. Taoists call this area the Pool of Wind and ‘evil winds’ can collect here if they get stuck coming up the spinal cord into the brain stem. Stuck ‘winds’ here can be a major cause of pain in the body and in the senses. Releasing stuck energy here can help vision, reduce eye aches, and sooth headaches, as mentioned with the crown point above. Taoist self-massage techniques covered in: The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: Transforming Your Lead Into Gold:

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