Chinese and Western Medicine

Chinese and Western Medicine

Question from a friend: I’m a Chinese medicine student, do you have any insights on Chinese medicine’s perspective on treatment of tooth infections/abscesses. I’m dealing with an abscess in my lower molar (luckily it doesn’t hurt). I’ve been encouraging my body to heal itself through qi gong, diet, and rest. I’m hoping to avoid antibiotics and/or a root canal. how would chinese medicine treat this condition? 

Thoughts: This is an interesting question. I had a root canal (in 2012) and I took a round of antibiotics in February for strep throat. I am very much a fan of Chinese medicine and Integratvie medicine. I love and practice a disease-prevention lifestyle based on practices for long-term health. I’m a proponent of this for myself, the population, and community.

At the same time, for acute issues, such as strep, a root canal, appendicitis, gall bladder, or really any dramatic and acute pain or disease, I believe ‘western’ or allopathic medicine has a lot to offer. Western medicine can quickly relieve our physical suffering—and even prevent a much worse condition or even death. I like a blend of treatments, depending on the problem. When I went in for the emergency root canal, I couldn’t sleep.

At the same time, the first time I ever heard of acupuncture, I was a kid and my dad showed me ‘acupuncture’ in the encyclopedia. The photo was someone having open-heart surgery with their eyes open, watching the surgery, with acu-needles in their ears. There is also a history of ‘battlefield acupuncture’ that treats serious trauma in the moment. Of course, it is your choice, and this blog is not medical advice.

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