The Liver Meridian

porter on the pilgrim path to the peak of Wudang, Wudang Shan, Taoist mountain, Hubei province, Wudangshan, Mount Wudang, UNESCO world cultural heritage site, birthplace of Tai chi, China, Asia

Liver Meridian
The Liver channel flows from the pinky side lateral side of the big toe nail up behind the shin bone and through the medial thigh near the gracilis muscle. It goes up the inside of the leg and then heads up the torso to end just beneath the chest. It’s internal channel comes up through the lungs and all the way to the eyes and the top of the head.

To feel the energy of this channel activate is to imagine that you are pondering an important decision. You can feel as if you are weighing the options and the energy shifts from one side to the other. It can feel like a deep movement or twisting in the liver channel through the legs. Move the eyes side to side to activate the liver channel.

Liver 1
Liver 1 is located on the lateral (pinky side) of the big toe. “This point, being at the end of the channel is extremely valuable for taking down excess in the Liver. Liver Heat is a common disorder in modern Western culture and Liver 1 is one of the best points to help bring this heat down…With Tui Na therapy, you can grasp from Liver 3 down to Liver 1 and pull out the stagnant qi.”

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