Healing Love Through The Tao, Simple Tai Chi

Taoist Healing Love

Major Benefits of Healing Love: Taoist Sexual Secrets

“Sexual energy is the single most powerful evolutionary force within humanity. If we learn to properly direct this energy within our bodies and our relationships, we live longer and more happily. If we squander it unwisely, we live short and unsatisfying lives. If we infuse sexual essence into the alchemical marriage of our body and soul, it activates the process of birthing our immortal self.” -Healing Love: Taoist Sexology, by Michael Winn



No time for a long Tai Chi form? try this from Tai Chi Chi Kung

This video demonstrates a way to use two consecutive movements from a tai chi form. Rather than learning or practicing an entire form, the player can use these or other two moves to enter a Chi Kung state of presence and flow. Give it a try! 


To learn more simple exercises for increases the energy flow within your body, check out my home study on the microcosmic orbit:


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