Breathing Chi into the Channels


“Radiant Body Breath From the stillness and stability of the standing meditation pos- ture we open into motion with the Radiant Body Breath. Through this practice, we guide the qi throughout the entire field of the body, smoothing and soothing the energy body while deepening and regulating the breath. As you progress in the practice of Radiant Body Breathing, you may come to feel the whole body breathing—every cell gently pulsing in harmony with a balanced sense of vitality and earth-connectedness.” -Qigong for Meditators, Teja Bell


Open your chest, inhale through the nose. 

Close the chest, exhale through the mouth. 

Feel the fascia, tendons, and chest and shoulders stretch and open. 

Feel the spine lengthen and stretch as you curl in and tuck the pelvis. 

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