Healing as a Gift

Healing as a Gift 

Healing may be like gardening. We set the conditions for growth and then nature does the work. Through the course of life, when we are healthy, we can build reserves of health. These can carry us through the down times in our health; times of extra stress, career changes, death or birth of loved ones, natural cycles of life. 

Better health is a higher vibration and can be used to help others. A strong life-force is necessary to help other and the environment over-timeā€”or the work of pouring out our energy will eventually drain us. So, healing is a gift we give ourselves and a gift we can share with others. 

For these reasons, it is important to regularly monitor our own state of health. By performing the inner smile meditation, for instance, we have a daily diagnostic check-in and check-up. By being aware of our energy levels, we can see what people, places, and activities nourish us or deplete us. 

The Alchemist’s Tao Te Ching: 

Transforming Your Lead Into Gold 

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