Energy Leakage

Energy Leakage

In the average person, energy is scattered and dispersed throughout the body. Often, I think our energy isn’t even IN our body, but rather floating around outside of our body and go toward the future or the past. These days, it’s pouring into Cyberspace through computers and phones for work, entertainment, and addiction.

There are two methods we can use to keep our energy focused in our body.

  • First, through meditation and standing postures, we can concentrate our energy in our lower tan tien, the meridian system of our body, our bones, and the fascia around our organs. Once our body has a strong concentration in a healthy place, it is less likely to leave our body unconsciously. Then, when we must use our energy for work or play, it can find its way back to our body more easily. It has a strong ‘return address.’
  • Second, we can ‘seal’ the openings of our body where energy tends to escape. These openings are the sense organs, the sexual organs, and a weak pelvic floor. Standing practices and Taoist yoga strengthen the body so gravity is less likely to pull the structure down and thus, pull the energy out of the body. The Microcosmic Orbit meditation also trains the energy of the body to travel in a strong circuit that nourishes all the organs. Otherwise, energy can take an exit ramp at the sense organs and/or flowing down and out of the body at the sexual organs.

Lastly, another way energy is used up unconsciously is through excessive thinking and negative emotions. My friend Nick says he used to win a lot of arguments in the shower….arguments that never happened… arguments from years ago…arguments in his head as he fantasized bickering with family, friends, and coworkers. If we do that, let’s please stop it and help people with that energy instead!

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