Fusion of the Five Elements

Major Benefit of Fusion 1 Audio:

“One of the greatest challenges to modern spiritual seekers is confusion over feelings. Where do they come from? Why are they so elusive? Where does negativity come from? How can we harness feelings to deepen our soul realization? Fusion of the Five Elements is an amazing spiritual technology that reveals the secrets of our mind and emotions that are essential to progress on any path. It is truly a gift from Tao to humanity to restore harmony.

Here we learn a practical way to stay emotionally neutral while being body-centered and fully present – and still feel what is happening in any situation. “Neutral” is way to describe “centered”, a neutral feeling space from which we can express strong feelings – without falling into the illusion that temporary feelings make up our self-identity.” -Michael Winn, Fusion of the Five Elements, Emotional Alchemy


Tao Te Ching #34. The Tao Does Not Impose
The Tao is like a flood, Everything it touches is affected. It nurtures all things,
Yet controls nothing.
It brings energy to all,
Yet does not impose upon it. People may think it is small, Because it does not control.
Yet it is great,
Precisely because,
It is unattached to the outcome.


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