Enlightenment, Chi Kung

Chi Kung is loosely translated as skill with energy. It’s also said that there are 1000 schools of Chi Kung with 1000 techniques each. With so many paths and techniques, how does one know where to start? How does one know the right path or right methodology to pursue?

At this point, I’m reminded of a tai chi joke that asks “how many tai chi instructors does it take to change a lightbulb?” The answer is “Thirteen. One to change the lightbulb and 12 to stand around, shaking their heads, and say ‘that’s not the way my teacher showed me.’ ”

So it goes with Chi Kung; hold it lightly and have some fun. Go slowly and practice these moves the best you can to make it your own. I highly recommend studying with a teacher, reading books, and watching instructional videos. Be easy with any spiritual practice, because it is possible to overdo it.

Perhaps it is a sign of enlightenment and spiritual progress to treat the whole of creation with a playful curiosity. Or, perhaps the one that seeks or has attained enlightenment has a duty to fight, protest, or stand up against the evils perpetrated by the powerful against the powerless? Each can decide what is right for them.

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