Eight Pieces of Brocade, Finding Tao

Brief description of the exercises

1. Prop (push) up the heavens to regulate the triple burner

2. Draw bow to shoot arrow

3. Raise single arm to regulate spleen and stomach.

4. Turning to tonify nervous system

5. Shake head and wag tail.

6. Touch toes to reinforce kidneys

7. Clench fists like fighting to build up strength.

8. Raise up on toes and lower quickly to keep away illness


The Tao: Ever Present, Yet Rarely Found
Giving birth to all things,
The Tao is the mother of creation.

Having been birthed by the Tao,

It is inside of us all.
It is ever present,

But is rarely found.

Searching inside,

The alchemist finds it

And turns lead into gold.

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