Chi Kung for Digestion, Enjoying Tai Chi

Chi Kung exercise to treat abdominal deficiency and swelling

Lifting and holding the hands overhead, tilting to the left and the right, stretches the fascia and Tendons, and helps to detoxify the organs of the abdomen.

Tai Chi Chi Kung builds on the Iron Shirt exercises to help the practitioner feel grounded, stretch their tendons, and pack chi into the bones. In Mantak Chia’s book, ‘Tai Chi Chi Kung,’ there is a great list of principles for proper body alignment and inner structure of our tai chi practice. Sometimes, learning tai chi can feel a bit like learning golf or another complicated process. We may be given a long mental check-list of ‘correct’ ways to perform the activity. These mental lists can cause us to be so concerned with not doing it ‘wrong’ that we forget to be in our bodies and actually enjoy the hobby we set out to practice.

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