Bone Marrow Breathing, Triple Warmer Breathing

Bone Marrow Breathing: Breathe into the skeletal system through the protruding bones of the body. In standing, seated, or laying meditation, open the bones like giant golden straws and “slurp” energy from the surrounding nature. The bone Marrow will begin to tingle and come alive with activity, growing new blood cells, strengthening the bones and preventing diseases.

Moderate Extremes of Hot and Cold in the body

The Sixth Healing Sound relates to the Triple Warmer function of the body. The upper warmer in Taoist medicine is the heart and lungs, the middle warmer is the spleen and liver, and the lower warmer is the kidneys and sexual organs. In general, the upper warmer is typically too hot and the lower warmer is too cold. The Triple Warmer Sound (Heeeee) and the corresponding movement, helps regulate this energy to create a lukewarm feeling throughout. Give it a try!

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