Be Humble, The Tao is Practical

To Help People, Be Humble
The ocean is bigger than all streams Because it sits below them.
If you want to help people,
You have to demonstrate humility.

Listen with your whole heart.

Speak like a subordinate.
Give with both hands.
Learn how to follow.
The master is above all the people, Though no one feels his weight.

The Tao is Practical
Many don’t understand the Tao.
And feel it’s impractical for the modern age.
For those that have looked inside themselves, The Tao is both understandable and practical.
When the Tao is put into practice,
The treasures become apparent.
The treasures are love, moderation, and yielding.
Love provides courage
And causes one to take healthy risks. It is victorious in attack
And impossible to defend.
Moderation ensures that You always have enough.
Yielding gives you peace of mind
And patience with friends and enemies.
If you have love for others, You are useful to the Tao.

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