Tai Chi Chi Kung, Yielding

Tai Chi Qigong, is the primary martial art practice in the Healing Tao system. Although it is a historically based on martial arts, I teach it as a health and wellness movement practice, designed to help chi flow in the body. The Tai Chi Chi Kung form is a slow-motion, short, 13-movement form that is based on the internal aspects of Tai Chi. So it’s not a 108 movement form, or even a 45 movement form; it’s only 13 movements and you do them in two directions. It takes about six minutes to complete at a normal speed. Because of its simplicity, it gives you the opportunity to really focus on the rooting, the energy flow, the organs, the gentle movements left and right that are the essence of Tai Chi And Chi Kung. It’s not necessarily about a long series of moves that you memorize but it actually is about feeling the energy, being able to feel it move throughout your body, and breathing back and forth with the universe. 

Yielding and Flexibility
To make something smaller, first, let it expand. To make something weaker, first, let it be strong.
If you want to get rid of something, First, allow it to flourish.
Yielding and flexibility
Overcome coercion and rigidity.
The inner workings can remain hidden, But the fruits of labor will be visible to all.

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