2021: Year of the Metal Ox

2021: Year of the Metal Ox 

After an unpredictable Year of the Rat, the Year of Ox brings balance and strength. The ox succeeds through persistent and tireless work, plowing the field back and forth, with unlimited stamina. Success this year can be found through hard work, often in the background; exercising intelligence, reliability, and not demanding praise.

Oxen find happiness in being low key, which hides their talents, but in the long run the diligent work is recognized. Like when they till the field, oxen believe others should stay in their lane and focus on the task at hand. To emulate the ox, avoid losing your temper, approach problems logically, and be conservative in finances by not over-reaching. Oxen enjoy long-term and steady work. They focus on their studies to be prepared for situations they face. 

The wild oxen in nature are healthy and fit. Taking care of our health by sleeping and eating regularly will suit us in the year of the oxen. Overwork can be a problem this year, so remember the freedom of the wild oxen and to eat and sleep on a schedule. 

These same oxen attributes can be applied to one’s spiritual practice. Regular stretching, meditation, movement, and spiritual reflection can till fertile soil and prepare the groundwork for the rest of this twelve year cycle. Being home for dinner, being a reliable friend, and communicating honestly are disciplines that will bring peace this year. 

What habits can we start this year?


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