Achieving Checkmate in Two Moves?

Achieving Checkmate in Two Moves?

There is an internet video called “How to Achieve Checkmate in Two Moves.” After studying the video briefly, it is apparent that the Checkmate in Two Moves only works if everything goes right. The opponent can only move the exact way required for checkmate to happen so quickly. There are so many different combinations and variables in the game that it’s very unlikely that the game would unfold in that way; especially with a  competent opponent.

If we think about life, what does “Checkmate in Two Moves” look like? Many people, from the gold rushes in the American Wild West to internet unicorn entrepreneurs becoming billionaires, hope to strike it rich quickly. These scenarios in life are often similar to the end-game in chess. It’s very hard to win quick, to get rich quick, or quickly regain health once it has been squandered. Imagine ignoring one’s health for decades and then hoping to make it a priority only in retirement.

Everything has to go right and the stars need to align perfectly—then, one has to know how to hold on to sudden wealth, fame, or connections, which is another matter entirely.  It’s better to not count on explosive moves to win big in one or two moves. Like in chess, more predictable and stable success can be gained by counting on time-tested, proven strategies in a long-term perspective. More reliable success can come from a long time horizon and working backwards.

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