Yielding and Flexibility, The Kidney Meridian

  1. To make something smaller, first, let it expand.
    To make something weaker, first, let it be strong.

If you want to get rid of something,
first, allow it to flourish.
Yielding and flexibility
overcome coercion and rigidity.

The inner workings can remain hidden,
But the fruits of labor will be visible to all.


Stroke the Kidney Meridian
Charge your body from the earth
Store it’s chi in your kidneys.
Open the pathway.

Stroke the Kidney Meridian
The kidney meridian travels from the balls of the feet, up the inside of the leg (on both legs), and up toward the collar bones. In this practice, one can massage up to the hips and then around the back to the kidneys themselves. From their, one can follow the bladder meridian down the back of the legs and and start again at the balls of the feet. ❤️

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