When the Tao is Forgotten, Chaos Emerges

When you forget the Tao,
You focus only on being a good person.
When you forget to be a good person,
Intelligence becomes the strongest asset.
When intelligence is the strongest asset,
Cleverness and fabrication emerge.
Cleverness and fabrication replace peace.
When there is no peace, chaos emerges.
A state in chaos is taken over by selfish men.

Teacher Recommendation:

Tara Brach has a deep way of teaching lessons through stories.  I love her podcasts and the way she teaches the audience that everything is really ok.  https://www.tarabrach.com/talks-audio-video/

“For many of us, feelings of deficiency are right around the corner. It doesn’t take much–just hearing of someone else’s accomplishments, being criticized, getting into an argument, making a mistake at work–to make us feel that we are not okay. Beginning to understand how our lives have become ensnared in this trance of unworthiness is our first step toward reconnecting with who we really are and what it means to live fully.”
–from Radical Acceptance

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